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Restaurant POS | Global Group of Companies

Restaurant POS is our latest PRO line of point of sale.  With long years experience we offer super optimized menu system, extended database structure, printed receipts, improved report engine and multi-store connectivity. While Global Group POS serves small stores well, Global Group POS can cater with complex tax system, arrange menu by pages, includes price table,  gift card, inventory and better plugins.  Global Group POS has connectivity with OpenDining. This is also EMV compliant and tested with major credit card processors.

Additional pieces of software that add extra capabilities to your POS, such as the ability to look after restaurant floors, caller id device, payment processing or recipe.

Hire core developers to change the POS for your need. Change look and feel, add new features, useful reports, or even change message file. We can do exactly what want.

We provide real-time support for restaurants and stores. For any unseen error or bugs, you will never get stuck! You can also hire our support team for emergency need.

Promote our product and use our code in commercial projects. We have many options for resellers, distributors, and independent contractors.

Stable System

Global Group POS is well-known among its users for being stable. The app does not crash, therefore business will not be interrupted by system glitches like being unable to read cards during payment.

Ease of Use

Global Group POS users laud the application for its user-friendly interface. The system is not difficult to navigate, therefore all staff members can operate it with no trouble.

Mobile POS

Global Group POS can also be turned into a mobile POS system. It can run on tablets that support Java configuration and even on devices that have low specifications. This gives staff more mobility around the restaurant so they can cater to more customers.

Back-Office Operations Manager

Global Group POS may be a small system, but it is robust that it comes with a back-office manager. Because of this, businesses can organize their services offered and in the case of restaurants, even show cooking extractions. It can even handle time-limited discounts. This way, establishments can offer only the best services.

Front-of-House Managerial Functions

The POS application supports different dashboards for different types of employees. For example, a host or server only has access to table management and kitchen management features. Meanwhile, a manager would be able to conduct a drawer pull and generate a daily sales report.

The system tailors user access and permissions and logs the activities off each user, especially when it comes to the amount being removed from the cash drawer. This reduces theft ensuring that businesses survive with their profits.

Kitchen Supervision

Once an order is keyed in, specific cooking instructions are sent to the kitchen, such as guest requests. Through this function, the kitchen can avoid mix-ups when it comes to orders and also meet customer expectations.

Furthermore, Global Group POS allows restaurants to track kitchen wastage, so that they can better manage the food and plan to reduce or eliminate waste.

Bar Tab Keeping

In the case of bars, creating tabs is made easier. Global Group POS tracks beverage orders and makes them easily recognizable by naming them. This makes the bar more efficient in handling tabs.

Cash Terminals Management

With Global Group POS, establishments can accept a wide range of payment types. Cash terminals linked with the POS system are able to receive magnetic cards, partial payments, and even calculate discounts and accept gift cards and coupons. Through this function, establishments are able to serve more customers who prefer to pay in different manners.

Tax Computation

The system also aids businesses in keeping in line with tax regulations. Global Group POS calculates for different kinds of taxes, to ensure that the customer pays the right amount.

Financial Reports

Global Group POS is equipped with standard management information system reports. Managers and executives can pull daily sales reports, sales summaries, drawer pull reports, and more directly from the system. The POS saves them the hassle of manually computing by automatically generating these reports for them.

Multiple Printer Support

With Global Group POS, businesses can link as many printers they want to the system. They can even be linked together and customized as to what item will be activated in which printer. This links the kitchen with the front-of-house operations for better coordination between the two.

Additional Customization

Global Group POS gives users high control over how the system works. They can request to modify certain features such as the user interface and even the language. There are also different plugins they can add to the system.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Food menu manager
  • Modifiers support
  • Stand-to-Kitchen cooking instructions
  • Bar tab tracking
  • Magnetic card payment support
  • Partial payment capability
  • Multiple discount calculation
  • Invoice tax calculations
  • Gift card and coupon acceptance
  • Kitchen waste tracking
  • Dedicated kitchen printers
  • Managerial functions support
  • Drawer pull
  • Drawer bleed
  • Invoice splitting
  • Ticket voiding
  • Sales summary reports
  • Daily sales reports
  • Hourly income reports
  • Tipping reports
  • Credit card reports
  • Mobile POS
  • Modular features
  • Multiple printer support
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